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Free from Pride

By |July 1st, 2020|

Dan and Garrett are joined by Worship Pastor Andy Watson to talk about what it looks like to walk in humility instead of pride. The three walk through Scripture, give personal examples and share practical [...]

Safety Vs. Courage

By |May 6th, 2020|

Garrett and Dan welcome Randy Alcorn (author, speaker, and Dan's father-in-law) to talk about how Christians ought to think about choices between safety and courage.

Making the Most of Online Church

By |March 17th, 2020|

Life and church are going to look a little different for a while. Garrett, Andy, and Phil sit down to talk about how we can make the most of this strange and isolated time.

Why We Fail to Change

By |February 10th, 2020|

Why do we vow to stop gossiping, but then fall back into old habits? Why do we vow to start reading our Bibles, but then abandon this quest? Dan and Garrett talk about why change [...]

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