Serve at Church

Special Events

Help with different events throughout the year. From Movie night to special surprise events on Sundays, we need help preparing for guests.



Join a team of dedicated musicians who work together to make music for Sunday Mornings at LBF Church.

Apply to Serve

Meals For A While

Help provide meals for families in need. Join our meals for a while list of people willing to give a meal when the need arises.


Coffee House

Become a Life Bible Fellowship Church Barista. We will train you to make delicious drinks in the LBF Coffee house on Sunday mornings.



Help make Sundays possible by working with our LIFEkids ministry. We want our kids to be safe and feel the love of Jesus. Help out with our children’s ministry, and you will be blessed!


Guest Services

We have new people visiting our church for the first time each week. For many of these people, it might be the first time they have ever set foot on a church campus. We want people to know they are welcome here.


Technology: Camera, Lighting, Media

We depend on volunteers to make every Sunday happen. Without a team of volunteers running technology during each service to make sure people are not inhibited by distractions at church.


Meet Your Local Global Serving Pastor

Troy Spilman came to Life Bible Fellowship Church from Santa Barbara a few years ago and immediately found a great home here. He has years of experience as a pastor. You can find him almost every Sunday near Next Steps. Stop by and say hello!