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Bringing Immediate Help and Eternal Hope

GO (Global Outreach) Teams, bless, encourage, and help meet the needs of those we serve internationally. They also teach us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as we serve others. They expand our worldview, our understanding of God, and grow us spiritually as we depend on God in new ways. 

Through GO Teams, we seek to partner with long-term, embedded ministries in the communities we serve internationally. It’s not about us going out on our own as pioneers. It’s about us coming alongside others to assist in their ongoing ministry and outreach. 

You can support a GO Team using the link below. 

2018 GO Teams

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."

Matthew 5:13

  • Honduras: Partnering with Orphanage Emmanuel

    June 28 - July 6, 2018

    Cost: $1,350

    Our team will spend a week partnering with Orphanage Emmanuel, home to over 500 orphans. While there, the team will be working to construct and establish a trade school that will help the kids at the orphanage learn skills that they can use to help provide for themselves when they eventually leave the orphanage. There will also be time to visit, care for, and get to know the children at Orphanage Emmanuel. 

    Apply Here

  • Baja Mexico: Building Houses & Community Outreach

    May 25-27

    Cost: $150

    Partnering with Baja Christian Ministries, our team will be sent out to build three simple houses for families in need in Baja, Mexico. Along with construction work, our team will host activities for the children in the community and participate in a prayer walk throughout the worksite, sharing the Gospel.

    This trip is full and is no longer accepting applications.

  • El Salvador: Community Ministry and Clean Water Well

    July 8 - 14, 2018

    Cost: $1,950

    Our team will spend a week drilling a well that will supply a local community with clean water that previously didn’t have any. During the course of the week, the team will also spend time engaging with the community, sharing the gospel, and teaching simple hygiene practices through a faith-based curriculum.

    This trip is full and is no longer accepting applications.

  • Mazatlan: Partnering With a Developing Church (Youth Only)

    July 24-31, 2018

    Cost: $800- $900

    Our team will partner with a church plant in Mazatlan, Mexico. They will host a Vacation Bible School for the children in the community and spend time working to improve the church facilities. This initial trip will be part of a larger ongoing effort by LBF Church to support the growing ministry in Mazatlan by developing a partnership with Capilla Calvario Maranatha.

    This trip is full and is no longer accepting applications.

  • Thailand: Partnering With Local Missionaries

    September 27 - October 8

    Cost: $1,950

    Our team will be sent to partner with an orphanage in northern Thailand. The team will provide basic medical care and other essential resources to the local community. They will also connect with long-term missionaries, Pete and Mary Quesenberry, to aid them with their school and local outreach.

    This trip is full and is no longer accepting applications.