How to connect your young kids with God

Connecting Kids with God

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Keep it simple

When it comes to connecting kids with God, it can seem a bit overwhelming and you might not be sure where start. It may cause you to be paralyzed and not begin anything in fear that it won’t go well, or it will be one more structured thing that you are just not ready to tackle.

But if there is one thing that I hope you as the reader can walk away with, is this thought, “Keep it simple.” Kids can get connected with God through simple everyday conversations, easy short activities or a once a week family dinner together.

Ideas to Get You Started

Here are a few ideas for you to get started. If you like the idea of gathering around the table for a family dinner and talking over a devotion you can easily take a part of the Bible Reading Plan and discuss that or utilize our Home Front weekly that is offered in LIFEkids for the 2-year-olds through 6th grade.

Each of the classrooms has Home Front Weeklies that you can take home. You could also take the bible verse that the kids are learning and ask them questions about that verse.

Another idea is to incorporate God into your everyday discussions. There might be an amazing sunset or a discussion on how cool a bug is. That can lead into a discussion about how great God’s creation is. Maybe when they get home from school you can ask how they saw God at work that day.

There are so many ways where short conversations can take place that can be so meaningful and can refocus the day on God. If crafts are more your speed, there are tons of crafts that you can look up online to get ideas. Then discuss how God can give us our creative gifts.

If your kids like to write or draw have them write thank you notes to God or draw a picture that relates to a specific verse in the bible. Bible journaling is another great outlet you can encourage your kids to do.

Another great time to get connected to God is at bedtime.  As you tuck in the kids you can pray together, talk about the day, and how God was with you during the day.

Keep Going

I hope that these ideas can give you a place to begin or develop what will work best for you and your family. Also, remember that it may take a few tries for kids to embrace what you asking them to do and repeating an idea or activity may help them to understand it better and begin to feel a connection with God and be more comfortable talking and sharing.  So, begin wherever you are at and try and incorporate some of these ideas with your kids.

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