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The Impact You Made This Year by Being a Part of The Life Bible Fellowship Family

Every Number is

a Story

And every story represents a life being directed toward Jesus. Here's a quick recap on some of the life-change that happened in 2017 at LBF Church.

Life Bible Fellowship Church exists to passionately pursue LIFE in Jesus and to lead our neighbors to do the same.

Let's Look Back

We now have 524 people involved in one of the 45 LIFEgroups currently meeting through LBF Church.

Combine that with the other groups at LBF, and that makes 972 people involved in one of 89 total small groups. WOW!

Welcome to

The Family!

Over 94 people became members of LBF through the quarterly Meet LBF Presentation.

At least 44 people made a first time decision to begin a relationship with Jesus.

A new ministry called Starting Point was created to help people make the decision for Jesus and grow in their new walk with Him.

Many Members Working Together Toward the Mission

This year the total number of people volunteering went up to 726. That is 59 more than last year, and represents a 9% increase.

When more people give time to the mission of the church, we make leaps towards our goal of passionately pursing LIFE in Jesus and leading our neighbors to do the same.

Here We Are, 

Send Us

125 people went on GOteams to bring water, shelter, and the hope of Jesus to people in other countries.

12 Long Term Missionaries Supported

In November we partnered with Inland Valley Hope Partners to give 800 full Thanksgiving Meals.

An astonishing $18,114 was donated as a part of relief efforts to our friends affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Added a Local/Global Serving Pastor to the team to help mobilize LBF to serve our church, community, and our world more effectively.

Exit83 Preparing the Next Generation

LBF's Exit83 Student Ministry saw a 66% average increase in junior high attendance and a 81% average increase in high school attendance on Wednesday nights.

This spirit-filled group is growing in more ways than numbers, with countless conversations, texts, prayers, advice, and friendships to show a healthy group looking to Jesus for hope.

LIFEkids' Joy is Bursting at

the Seams

We have 731 kids involved with LIFEkids, that's up by 79 last year.

Our kids were guided and loved by 135 LIFEkids team members.

LIFEkids expanded their use of available rooms on Sunday mornings; our facility is officially maxed out.

This Was Quite the Year

LBF began 2017 filled with excitement and anticipation of what God would do, and, as always, when we cooperate with Him, lives are changed. There have been stories of life change brought about by God as we have been learning to live out our mission of passionately pursuing LIFE in Jesus.

Each of these stories shows how God can use us to impact others, and as usual we are also transformed in the process.

What's Next?

We're looking forward to 2018, and all that God has ready for LBF. Through the good and the bad, God has remained consistent through the years. 

This church doesn't exist without its members, and it can't function without their support. Thank you for making all of this life-change possible.