We exist to passionately pursue LIFE in Jesus and to lead our neighbors to do the same.


To grow in the knowledge of and dependence on God’s Word.
To connect with God and our community through LIFEgroups.
To serve others in our church, our community, and our world.
To share our faith so that others may personally embrace Jesus.

What Makes LBF Different

Generations United: People of all ages worshiping, serving, and experiencing life together.
Strong Biblical Teaching: Discovering what the Bible means and applying it to our lives.
People in Process: A place of authenticity where people can be real and find love and acceptance.
Contagious Faith: Where sharing with others about Jesus begins with friendship.
Small Groups: Growing spiritually with others in a safe, smaller setting.
Working Together: A team approach to meeting the needs of our church and community.
Cultural Relevance: Connecting the message to our time.

Below, you will find a comprehensive PDF of our beliefs, including the following topics:

LBF Church’s Doctrinal Statement
Church Leadership
BaptismInfant/Child Dedication
Divorce & RemarriageScripture & the Transgender Question
Women in Church Leadership
The Work of the Holy Spirit Today,
Christians & Political Action
Christians & Marijuana
Christians & Racism
The Emergent Church Movement


Beliefs PDF