Parenting With Purpose

Raising children is the hardest job on planet earth, but it’s also the most rewarding! Most of us feel like we aren’t doing a very good job. We need help! Along with biblical instruction on how to raise children who grow up to become passionate Jesus followers, this conference will also offer:

• Practical help for single parents and blended families

• How to navigate the world of the internet and devices

• How to put safeguards in place to win the fight for purity

• How to have a family that doesn’t just survive, but actually thrives

Saturday, March 7  8:30am – 2:30pm $25/person

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Phil & Diane Comer

Co-Founders of Intentional Parents International and authors of Raising Passionate Jesus Followers. Drawing on years of pastoral counseling, teaching, leading, and decades of watching families from the perspective of pastors and leaders in ministry. Phil and Diane instruct, guide, encourage, and offer hope and practical help to Christian parents.

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Break-out Options led by pastors and licensed experts. (Choose 3)

• Laying a Good Foundation (birth – 5 yo)

• Encouragement for the Single Parent

• Doing the Proper Framing (6 – 12 yo)

• Digital Media Moderation

• Living Your Children to Faith

• Blended Families

• Cultivating Attitudes and Appetites

• Trauma-Informed Parenting

• Teen Talk: Beyond the Words

• Substance Abuse and Addictions

• Preparing for College and Beyond

• Healthy Sexuality

• Parenting Prodigals

• Anxiety and Depression

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