Serve At Life Bible Fellowship Church

Sunday Morning Roles

Sunday Morning Set-up

We have chairs, tables, tents, and other parts in our infrastructure that need setting up in order to create the Sunday morning experience. These are critical behind-the-scenes roles.

Coffee House….Cart!

The LBF Coffee Cart is up and running. We need people to help serve coffee and donuts: no fancy drinks here, just cream and sugar.

Guest Services

We have new people visiting our church for the first time every week. For many, it might be the very first time they have ever set foot on a church campus. Let’s welcome them!


We need people to keep an eye on seats, escort guest to available seats, and help keep track of attendance.


Teaching & Administrative Ministries

Life Group Lesson Editor

We need people to proofread and help edit the Life Group lessons.

LIFEgroup Leaders

LIFEgroups are the core of our church. We need people to facilitate those groups and homes to host them in (or outside of them). LIFEgroup leaders follow the Study Guide for the sermon series created by Pastor Dan.

Office Volunteers

We have projects we need help with during the day at various times of the year.


LifeKids Volunteer Opportunities

Small-Group Leader

This position serves all age groups. For 2 yrs and up, it requires about 15 minutes of prep time each week that you serve. All curriculum, activities, and supplies are prepared for you. Must have attended LBF for at least six months.


This position serves all age groups.. You are responsible for co-leading the kids through the small group activities. All curriculum, activities, and supplies are prepared for you. Must have attended the church for at least six months. Schedule option: serve once per month, very flexible

Story Teller

This position is for 4 yrs /TK or Kindergarten – 3rd Grade. You get to make the Bible story come to life and engage the kids with the lesson for that day. This requires high energy, animation, and a fun personality to capture the kids attention. Schedule option: serve at least once per month

Worship Host

This position is for the Kindergarten – 3rd Grade. The host sings with the kids using video worship and helps lead the kids through their memory verse. This position does not require you to have a great voice as long as you are energetic and engage with the kids. Schedule option: serve at least once per month

Junior Helper

This position serves 2 yrs – 6th Grade. This position is for our Youth and High Schoolers. Junior Helpers work with the younger kids, doing activities, helping them with story time and assisting the Small Group Leader. Schedule option: every week

LIFEkids Check-in

This position is for 10 minutes prior to service and 10 minutes during the service. There is light computer use and you would be trained on our system. Schedule option: once per month.


Local Outreach Ministries

Digital Outreach Team

LBF is currently running Gospel-centered video ads through Google searches. After viewing the videos, individuals can message us to talk or receive prayer. You will be responding to these messages via email to build community and point them to Jesus.

Upland Community Resource Center: Service Ambassador

We will equip you to outline the availability of resources for clients, perform the intake process, and refer clients to case managers.

Upland Community Resource Center: Safety Ambassador

This role greets visitors and clients, assists team members, and monitors the center’s property.

Coordinator for Local Outreach Partners

These organizations make a difference in our community, and we come alongside to partner with them in their efforts. The organizations range from groups that serve our schools, families in need, veterans, homeless, abused children, women transitioning from prison, etc.

Team Member for Local Outreach Partners

Assist the coordinator of a Local Outreach Ministry Partner in being a part of quarterly service projects, such as providing coffee to our local teachers, trimming city trees, providing meals to families in need, etc.


Meet Your Local Global Serving Pastor

Troy Spilman came to Life Bible Fellowship Church from Santa Barbara a few years ago and immediately found a great home here. He has years of experience as a pastor. You can find him almost every Sunday near Guest Services. Stop by and say hello!

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