Visit Life Bible Fellowship Church

Time and Place

We have three services every Sunday beginning at 8, 9:25, and 10:55 a.m. Come about 10 minutes early to park and find a seat. If you have kids, we offer a fun and interactive kids program at the 9:25 and 10:55 services. If you have a junior high or high school student, we offer a separate service for them at 9:25 a.m.

Life Bible Fellowship Church:
2426 N Euclid Ave, Upland, CA 91784

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Here’s how a normal Sunday looks.

As you walk on to the campus for the first time, it will feel new, but every step you take is one closer to hope, community, and purpose. You can expect a “good morning!” from one of our greeters. As you enter the Worship Center, someone will give you a bulletin with information on the church, and some notes for that Sunday’s message.

Find a seat anywhere or ask an usher for help finding a seat. Our services are 70 minutes long and include singing meaningful songs together, listening to a message, and sometimes communion and prayer. You can participate as much as you want. If the entire Worship Center is full, or if you prefer, you can always watch the service outside on the patio.

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Join the Family

Visiting a church can be stressful. Just remember you are stepping into a family that wants more hope, greater joy, and a more passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ for you and for everyone.

Directions on Google Maps