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As many of us reflect back on Sanctity of Life Sunday and on the March for Life going on around the nation last January, I wanted to write an article to explore non-legislative ways that Christians can be advocates for unborn children. This is not because I think legislation is unimportant. I think it is vital for believers to champion legislation that would protect unborn children. I also think that part of the calling for Jesus’ church is to be a prophetic voice to the culture by serving as its conscience. That said, we cannot necessarily control what happens with the laws of the land. We can, however, continue to champion and protect the sanctity of life regardless of the values of our society. Here are five suggestions.

1. Teach Your Children

For those of us who are adults, much of what we consider to be “normal” depends on what was normal in our family or origin. If it was normal in your family for people to yell at one another, this is probably normal to you today. If it was normal in your family to be thrifty and save for the future, this probably seems normal to you. If you want more people to treasure the value of unborn children, then pass this value along to your children.

Talk about it with them overtly. Share with them what God’s Word says, and talk to them about specific scenarios and how to handle them. Encourage them to follow God’s Word and save sex for marriage, but also make sure they know that you will bring support and care if they are part of an unplanned pregnancy. You have more influence than you think about how you influence the attitude of the next generation when it comes to abortion and unborn children.

2. Volunteer and Give

Some people criticize the pro-life movement, saying that we are pro-birth. They mean that we advocate for the baby to be born, but then do not support legislation that would help the mothers and the children after they are born. While I think this criticism is largely overblown, it is worth consideration. I don’t believe that a pro-life person, in order to be consistent, has to support large government programs because I don’t believe that we must look to the government as the solution.

There are many organizations, like Assure Pregnancy Clinic, which not only support the mother during the pregnancy, but also offer parenting classes, baby clothes, and ongoing counseling. When we give our finances and our time to organizations that provide poor and single mothers with much-needed resources, we are living out our pro-life position much more holistically.

3. Prioritize Your Family

Part of the tragic lie that fuels abortion is that children are a threat to a good and full life. In Scripture, we are conversely told that children as a gift and blessing from God. Our cries for the unborn ring empty if we treat our own children as an inconvenience. If we farm our kids out to be raised by others so that we can pursue our own dreams, we send the message that “rich” people have an unfair advantage because they can have kids without any significant sacrifice.

The fact is that even more than money and possessions, our kids want us! Make it a priority to spend time with your kids. Eat meals together, go on vacations, read, play games, pray and read Scripture together. If children of all ages are blessings and gifts, they are worthy of the sacrifices we make for them.

4. Use Your Voice

Not only can we teach our children about the sanctity of life, but we can also use our voice to influence others. This may be through writing articles or making videos.  This may be through speaking boldly in conversations with friends and family. This may be through offering options to a woman you know who is experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. Don’t underestimate your influence on those God has placed around you.

If pro-life people stay silent, women are robbed of good options that are readily available to them. Prayerfully and courageously use your voice to advocate for vulnerable unborn children.

5. Offer Help

If we want to give our time and money to an organization that helps unborn babies and their mothers, we can do that immediately. But God may also bring us opportunities to offer help in a more personal way. We may end up being connected to a single mother or a pregnant woman who is in crisis.

God may call us to help financially, to babysit, or even to provide housing. We are called to keep our eyes peeled for ways to reach out personally to help any person who is in need. If you truly value the lives of unborn children, prepare your heart to be ready to chip in to help those who have made the good and brave choice to keep their children. When we do this, we are pro-life in a much fuller way!

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