Student Ministry At Life Bible Fellowship Church


Exit83 Youth Group

Our vision is that every student that walks through the door is made aware of three things:

  1. God loves them and wants to do tremendous things in and through their lives.
  2. This is a safe place where they can be real with the struggles that they are going through, and know that there will always be someone there that will listen, pray, and care for them.
  3. We are glad that they’re here. This is a family gathering and each time a person comes we want it to be as though they have just entered our home as an important guest.

We Meet Wednesdays at 7-9 p.m.

Join us every Wednesday evening at Life Bible Fellowship Church

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Meet Your Exit83 Student Ministries Pastor

Jeff Taylor has been at Life Bible Fellowship Church most of his life, and has served as worship leader, teaching pastor, and student ministries pastor twice. Find him in “The Garage” on Wednesdays leading the students of Life Bible Fellowship Church or at

Hey, I’m Jeff Taylor!