Marian has been a member of Life Bible Fellowship Church for over 20 years, but it wasn't until recently that she truly connected to the church family around her.



Aide had never been on a missions trip to serve others in another country and always came up with reasons not to go on one. After a friend persisted that she go with her, she agreed and was taken way out of her comfort zone.



Daniel felt God was telling him to take a step of faith and be more generous with his money.



Merci Shortly after graduating from high school, Merci found out she was pregnant and went forward with an abortion.



Corey Life, in theory, should have been great for Corey after entering high school. He was on the varsity basketball team, he had lots of friends, and straight A's. Yet all of these things didn't stop depression from [...]


Jim & Renee

Jim & Renee Jim and Renee spent most of their marriage with God on the sidelines. They tried for years to fix all of their issues on their own until they finally surrendered their marriage to God. [...]



When Scott found out that his wife was having an affair, it destroyed him. After opening up to his boss about his marriage, his boss invited him to church. 


Phil & Amy

Phil and Amy were trying to get pregnant for years. Finally, Amy tested positive and when they went to check on the baby, the doctor showed the happy couple that they weren't just having one, two, or even just three kids; Amy was pregnant with quadruplets. Pretty soon, there was pressure from the Doctors to make a choice.