Community Impact Day

Sign up for Community Impact Day! We will work on projects in our community, serving with our local outreach partners. Lunch will be provided.

LBF Chili Cook-Off

It’s back! the LBF Chili Cook-Off! March 3rd at 5 p.m. in the Garage. Get ready to make your world famous or at least family favorite chili for everyone to try! Not a cook? We need your taste buds ready to taste all of the varieties of chili! Prizes will be awarded! We will have fun games for everyone to play.

Child Dedications

Sign up to have your child dedicated in one of our three services on May 12th.

GO Teams

Learn more about GO Teams 2024, how to sign up and where to give.

Groups at LBF

Groups are the best way to get more involved into the life of the church and the time to sign up for groups at LBF has arrived! Click above to learn more about all the groups offered!

Volunteer for Exit83

Sign up to be a leader in our Exit83 youth group.

Women’s Monday Bible Study

Join us as we take an in depth look at the fruit of the Spirit. Every week we will examine one characteristic, how it was displayed by Christ and what it means to live it out. ‘By the Spirit’ written by Ally Sweaney and Gwen Pits was designed for our women, by our women.
This group meets in The Garage on Monday mornings at 10:00am and Monday nights at 6:30pm

How to Pray

As a part of out new series on prayer we have put together some guidance on: how to pray personally, how to pray as a household, how to pray as a church, & how to do a prayer walk. Click above to access a digital version of these guides or visit our new Prayer Wall in the church lobby.

Mens: New Commandment Ministries

If you are a man who has the ability to mow a lawn, fix a sprinkler, paint a wall, or any household task, then this is a ministry for you! Once a month for two hours, men will go out in small teams to work at these women’s homes. Showing them the love of God, one fixed sprinkler, leaky toilet, and broken window screen at a time.

Serve at LBF

LBF Church is growing and connecting with more families every Sunday! Come join us on this journey to serve God, honor His Word, and build a loving church community. Don’t let your Sundays be the same – get involved now and make an impact in others’ lives through volunteering some of your time today!