Serve Others With Life Bible Fellowship Church


We love our neighbors by Serving Them

There are plenty of opportunities and places to serve. Get started by serving at LBF Church on Sunday, serving our community, or our world.

Serve at LBF Church

Help make church happen on Sunday mornings.

Serve at Church

Serve Locally

Serve with one of our local connections.

Serve Locally

Serve Globally

Serve on a Global Outreach team to another country.

Serve Globally

Upland Community Resource Center

Learn more about LBF Church’s newest outreach ministry, The Upland Community Resource Center.

Learn More

Meet Your Local Global Serving Pastor

Troy Spilman came to Life Bible Fellowship Church from Santa Barbara a few years ago and immediately found a great home here. He has years of experience as a pastor. You can find him almost every Sunday near Guest Services. Stop by and say hello!

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