Go Teams

Global Outreach Teams


Ambassadors Bringing Immediate Help and Eternal Hope

GO (Global Outreach) Teams, bless, encourage, and help meet the needs of those we serve internationally. They also teach us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as we serve others. They expand our worldview, our understanding of God, and grow us spiritually as we depend on God in new ways.

Through GO Teams, we seek to partner with long-term, embedded ministries in the communities we serve internationally. It’s not about us going out on our own as pioneers. It’s about us coming alongside others to assist in their ongoing ministry and outreach.

Baja #2


Partnering with Baja Christian Ministries

Dates: 5/26/23-5/28/23

Cost: $225

Leader: Curt Eyster

Build houses and latrines, host VBS and Gospel-Centered Community Outreach



Partnering with Tanalian Bible Camp

Dates: 5/28/23-6/6/23

Cost: $1,750

Leader: Ryan Soule

Teach basketball skills and drills to native Alaskan high school students from remote villages. Challenge, encourage, and support students during daily Chapel and share Bible truths through various activities.



Partnering with Calvary Rosarito

Dates: 6/7/23-6/12/23

Cost: $400

Leader: Troy Spilman

Construction, VBS, feed a city dump community, care for the elderly.

Honduras Exit83 Youth


Partnering with Orphanage Emmanuel

Dates: 6/28/23-7/6/23

Cost: $1,700

Leader: Jeff Taylor

Teach orphan kids life skills, visit, care for, and get to know the resident children.



Partnering with Local Missionaries

Dates: 7/15/23-7/25/23

Cost: $2,400

Leader: Noel Norton

Evangelistic outreach, medical clinic, Akha Youth Development Center VBS.

Disaster Relief


Partnering with Samaritan’s Purse

Dates: 10/21/23-10/28/23

Cost: $1,100

Leader: Tim Longo

U.S. Disaster relief clean-up project OR rebuild project from a recent natural disaster. Location TBD depending on exact timing of the trip.

Meet Your Local Global Serving Pastor

Troy Spilman came to Life Bible Fellowship Church from Santa Barbara a few years ago and immediately found a great home here. He has years of experience as a pastor. You can find him almost every Sunday near Guest Services. Stop by and say hello!

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