GO Teams

2020 Go Teams • Ambassadors Bringing Immediate Help and Eternal Hope

GO (Global Outreach) Teams, bless, encourage, and help meet the needs of those we serve internationally. They also teach us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps as we serve others. They expand our worldview, our understanding of God, and grow us spiritually as we depend on God in new ways.

Through GO Teams, we seek to partner with long-term, embedded ministries in the communities we serve internationally. It’s not about us going out on our own as pioneers. It’s about us coming alongside others to assist in their ongoing ministry and outreach.

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Building Houses & Community Outreach

May 22-24

Cost: $200

Partnering with Baja Christian Ministries, our team will be sent out to build three simple houses for families in need in Baja, Mexico. Along with construction work, our team will host activities for the children in the community and participate in a prayer walk throughout the worksite, sharing the Gospel.

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Partnering with Afica Renewal Ministries

June 24-July 3

Cost: $2,700

LBF is partnering with Africa Renewal Ministries in Uganda to bring the hope of the Gospel to children and their families. Our team will be hosting a mother’s breakfast and training for early childhood development workers as well as serving at Loving Hearts Babies Home where abandoned infants are taken in and cared for while waiting to be placed in permanent homes or reunited with their families

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Partnering with Orphanage Emmanuel – Youth Trip Exit83

July 2-9

Cost: $1,700

Our team will spend a week partnering with Orphanage Emmanuel, home to over 500 orphans. While there, the team will be working to help the kids at the orphanage learn skills that they can later use when they eventually leave the orphanage. There will also be time to visit, care for, and get to know the children at Orphanage Emmanuel.

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Partnering with a Local Church

July 18-23

Cost: $350

Our team will spend three days partnering with Calvary Chapel Rosarito. There will be projects ranging from construction, working with a local church that was recently planted, providing a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for an orphanage, providing food for a community that lives in the city dump, and caring for those at an elderly center. Price for the trip includes housing, transportation, and breakfast. Team members will be responsible for all other meals throughout the day.

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Czech Republic

Partnering with Josiah Venture

July 27-August 11

Cost: $2,200

This is a college/Young Adult Trip- LBF will be partnering with Josiah Venture (JV) in the Czech Republic to host an english outreach summer camp. These camps have been used to spread the Gospel and plant churches in many eastern European countries. JV has been using camps, music programs and sports programs to reach youth in eastern Europe to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus in dark and hard to-reach countries in this region that are usually very resistant to Christianity.

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Partnering with William and Michelle Kiprop

August 12-23

Cost: $2,500

LBF Church will again be partnering with Michelle and William Kiprop. This trip will be focused on hosting an youth camp and outreach for the Ilchmus People. The Kiprops have coordinated an effort to support and reach the Ilchamus along with LBF Church’s efforts. This trip is building on previous trips and partnerships with our own LBF Church missionaries. in order to further reach the unreached, while also supporting the ongoing efforts of our current partner’s ministries all ready happening in that country.

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Partnering With Local Missionaries
September 24-October 7
Cost: $2,400
Our team will be sent to partner with an orphanage in northern Thailand. The team will do evangelistic outreach accompanied with providing some basic medical care and other essential resources to the local community. They will also connect with long-term missionaries, Pete and Mary Quesenberry, to aid them with their school and local outreach providing a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for young kids in the local community.
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