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Groups at LBF

Joining a group at LBF walks hand-in-hand with our experience on Sunday morning. Sunday service is why we get out of bed early, wake up our kids, and find our way to    the LBF campus. The groups we are a part of are the reason we know someone when

we get to church. Let's share life with others.

  • LIFEgroups

    These groups are the core of our church. They typically meet in people's homes, have about 10-12 people, and go over LBF's sermon-based curriculum.

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  • Women's Groups

    Women's groups range in variety and can be focused on sermon studies, book studies, and many others.

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  • Men's Groups

    Men's groups are a great way to get plugged in with other guys, and to grow closer to Christ alongside other men.

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  • Counseling & Support Groups

    These groups are designed to provide care, counsel, and friendship through life's hardest times.

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  • Other Groups

    These groups can be joined at any time, and each group is different, ranging from bible studies, to sermon studies, to teaching times.

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Life Groups Materials

We want our LIFEgroups to have a firm foundation to stand on. We want to make sure and create supplemental materials that go along with our current message series. This enables a deeper discussion based on what we all learned at church on Sunday.

The current LIFEgroup study guide Available on our Resources page.